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Dietary Aide

Position Purpose:

The purpose of this position includes but is not limited to: participating in daily dietary operations, maintaining regulatory compliance, following planned and unplanned cleaning schedules, maintaining inventory control, interacting and coordinating with other departments including life enhancement activities, interacting with residents, family members, staff members, contracted professionals, volunteers and visitors of the facility.


  • Reports directly to Certified Dietary Manager

Qualifications and Position Requirements:

  • Ability to read and write English but not necessary for English as primary language
  • Ability to do simple math
  • Familiar with clinical diets and has ability to learn special diets
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently
  • ServSafe Certification preferred
  • Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills

Essential Functions (with or without reasonable accommodations):

  • Prepare meals and beverages using facility-specific procedures
  • Serve meals using safe-handling standards to maintain sanitation and quality
  • Store stock appropriately in order to maintain cleanliness and prevent food spoilage
  • Accurately record meals served and monitor and document food temperatures
  • Monitors and documents heating and cooling food storage equipment
  • Clean assigned dining areas using appropriate procedures
  • Wash dishes and/or utensils according to acceptable standards of practice
  • Ensure compliance with sanitation
  • Participate in menu planning as appropriate
  • Assure safe receiving, storage, preparation, and service of food
  • Protect food in all phases of preparation, holding, service, cooking, and transportation
  • Ability to calculate recipe changes to meet productions
  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally within a multi-function, interdisciplinary team
  • Food safety knowledge
  • Ability to work under pressure

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assembles food supplies and equipment needed to complete task at hand
  • Follows standardized recipes, recalculating amounts to meet production needs and cooks, reheats, and serves all foods to correct temperatures
  • Understands therapeutic and special diets and follows physician-ordered diet orders
  • Properly cools and stores all foods and leftovers, including covers, labels and dates
  • Tests food qualities and identifies and corrects problems before meals are served
  • Keeps working environment clean and in sanitary condition by developing and monitoring appropriate cleaning processes and schedules
  • Performs all cleaning duties according to cleaning schedules as assigned
  • Assists other dietary personnel as needed
  • Serves residents in dining room as needed
  • Ensures all equipment is shut off and doors are locked to ensure inaccessibility to residents to ensure safe environment

Duties and Requirements:

  • Employee must be able to sit, stand and move around the facility/campus as required
  • Employee must be organized and detail-oriented
  • Employee may be requested to perform other duties or tasks that are not listed but are within the competence and training of the individual

Work Environment:

  • 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting/carrying up to 25 pounds
  • Frequent standing, walking, kneeling, stopping, crouching, reaching, talking and hearing
  • Occasional sitting, pushing (wt 100 pounds), pulling (wt 100+), color vision
  • This employee may be required to work longer than an eight-hour workday and work more than 40 hours during a typical workweek
  • May be required to work weekends and holidays
  • Environmental exposure to weather, extreme heat, extreme cold, noise, dust, vapors, fumes and odors
  • Employee may be expected to work on weekends and be “on-call” when necessary
  • Position expected to be “on-your-feet”, fast-paced, and high-stress
  • Position includes occupational hazards including but not limited to working with sharp knives, hot surfaces and wet floors
  • The employee may be exposed to blood, body fluids, infectious diseases and air contaminants
  • The employee may be subject to work call-back during times of facility emergency or disaster preparedness function

Summary of Occupational Exposures:

Bloodborne Pathogens:

Tasks and procedures performed by employee involve risks classified by CDC as: Category II- tasks involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues but employment may require performing unplanned Category I tasks. Category I tasks involved exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissue.

Specific Task Exposure:

  • Refer to Exposure Control Plan for additional information

Confidentiality of Information:

  • The employee in this position may not disclose any record (via any media format, known or unknown
  • May not disclose any elder or facility information, any system log-in codes or password assigned or permit any unauthorized access to elder/resident or facility information without express written consent of the facility management

Fair Labor Standards Act:

This facility’s compensation for this position exceeds the mandates of the Fair Labor Standards Act and as such this position is exempt from overtime coverage

Position Acknowledgement:

By accepting this position, the employee agrees to perform the tasks outlined in this job description, as well as other tasks that may become necessary to the position.  Failure to perform the duties in a safe and professional manner and in accordance with the facility established policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment.  The employee will receive a copy of this job description and a signed copy will be placed in the employee’s personnel employment file.